Market Conduct Examinations for Joliet, Illinois

If your company is preparing for a Market Conduct Examination for Joliet, Illinois, or the surrounding region, it’s hard to know where to start. There are numerous areas examinations can focus on — and the scope can change based on if the exam is routine or triggered by a complaint. 

That’s where Lou Penn & Associates and our proven Market Conduct Auditor® program come in. Insurance and financial services companies for Joliet, Illinois count on Lou Penn & Associates to help them prepare for Market Conduct Examinations. With extensive experience —  including 20 years working for the New York, Florida, and Vermont state insurance departments —  Lou Penn is an insurance regulation expert based in Joliet, Illinois.

Lou Penn & Associates’ Market Conduct Auditor® program offers better features, better efficiency, and better results than other software programs on the market and it helps Joliet, Illinois insurance companies prepare for Market Conduct Examinations by: 

  • Enhancing existing efforts: Today’s insurance companies are working hard to ensure compliance with complicated state regulations. Software like Market Conduct Auditor® can come alongside existing internal operations and automate otherwise manual processes.
  • Delivering up-to-the-minute compliance requirements: Regulations are ever-changing. Multiply that by every line of business and every state you do business and the issues you have to monitor for can be overwhelming. Market Conduct Auditor® puts all the statutes and regulations that are subject to market conduct criticism at your fingertips. 

This turnkey program helps Joliet, Illinois insurance companies have peace of mind that they are ready for Market Conduct Examinations whether they are expected or not. Combine that with Lou Penn’s expertise in the industry and you can have access to the guidance and software you need to minimize exposure and be prepared. 

If your insurance company does business in Pepperell, Ma or any other location and are looking to better prepare for an upcoming Market Conduct Examination, call Lou Penn today at 1-866-458-4333 or fill out this form to get a demo of the Market Conduct Auditor® software.


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